Move over Flash. You better pass the crown Super Sonic. Start packing your stuff Speedy Gonzalez. Save yourself from disappointment Road Runner. Brace yourselves for the latest addition to the pack and the fastest hot stuff has just arrived and is set to take over the speed race. One can have the fast and furious feel once he sets foot on the fastest car ever! Yes, it is made possible through this car.


The Mad Bobas VW Golf MK2 4Motion AWD street car with 1150 HP, 2.0L and 16V Turbo Acceleration is definitely going to blow your minds off! Yeah, it may not look as flashy as you expected it to be. Yeah, it looks so plain and boring. But hold your horses, we were taught never to judge a book by its cover and this insane piece of vehicle is a testament to that saying. Car enthusiast would really fall for the 1150 HP which is built and programmed its software by Boba Motoring with a jaw dropping running speed of 250 kilometer per hour (kph) plus. Aside from that this awesome car also has 1034 Nm 58 psi on E85 fuel to boost! Add to that a turbocharger from the intense Tuner GTX42 and a CNC head porting brought by the NG- Motorsports.

Reading those features, it really requires one to have real steel guts to be able to drive in a Golf exactly with the same powerful speed as the video below. The video posted by Boba Motoring has garnered a whooping 2.7 millions of views after just a few months since it was shared. Views and comments from the page came generally from car enthusiasts and speed addicts.
Unfortunately, it was revealed that the said car is not available to the market. However, one can visit Boba Motoring website wherein they would provide information to build one’s own version taking in consideration one’s budget and taste. So what are you waiting for?


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