Drug turns a man in to a beast. The drug addicted person so called father William Stephens whose age was twenty five years old murdered his sixteen week old offspring after trailing his anger. I have used so called because a father can not kill his daughter. So a drug addicted person is not a person at all when he is drunk. Some days ago the same thing had been happened in this city and the father is till now in the jail. When a man in addicted by cannabis then he does not love too much sound. After being run by the cannabis William Stephens wan in his home. Meanwhile his six weeks baby started crying. He could not bear the crying sound then he attack his baby and the has been died at the spot. He frequently took heroin and crack cocaine, and so on. Paris’s mom Danah Vince whose age is ninety was also suspect of murdering her daughter, but was innocent of homicide throughout a seven-week experimental. I don’t know how it is possible to take drug both the husband and the wife.

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The couple had consequently contended, beforehand Miss Vince left Paris in Stephens’s care while she departed to the medics. At the time of her nonappearance, Paris was self-confessed to Bristol Children’s Hospital with thoughtful head injuries with one surprised skilled proverb he had not ever beforehand understood such a plain case of hemorrhage in the eyes. The baby had died latte the three days she attended in to the hospital. The news have spreaded around the country and some of the people are trying to give up drugging. People take drug in order to his or her mental satisfaction. But drug can not provide mental satisfaction. The real satisfaction is come from the practical life as well as the family life.


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