World is full of people who want to help others and Donna Docherty or the Hangover Angel is one of them. She has everything you need in the morning; from paracetamol to Big Macs, you can call Docherty and she will be on your doorsteps delivering the breakfast.

New Year eve is full of fun and Docherty has the solutions for next morning hangover. She doesn’t mind to work on first day of the year and love to help people.  She said, “I take phone orders for fast food, paracetamol and hangover essentials from people who are too worse for wear to make it out themselves, and deliver it straight to their doors”.


She further added, “I’ve been preparing for New Years’ Day for weeks now – stockpiling the medication and bottles of fizzy drinks, and mapping which takeaways are open for me to collect food from”.

“Most people would hate the thought of working on January 1, but I love it. My customers are never rude, they’re always so pleased to see me – it’s great to be the person who can spread a bit of happiness.”

Hangover Angels is really a very unusual business started by her; this was started when she was made redundant from the job. She used to work at a supermarket. This business is a great success for her as the list of her customers has been increasing day by day. On the New Year day, she said, not many shops are opened so she has to make sure everything is ready prior to the biggest hangover day.


McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin are the most admired hangover treats people asked for, according to her. ‘But bacon butties, KFC and Big Macs are close behind – as well as packets of paracetmol and fizzy drinks’, she said.

The most popular item I’m asked to deliver is a McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin – it’s the most popular hangover cure.

‘But bacon butties, KFC and Big Macs are close behind – as well as packets of paracetmol and fizzy drinks.

The price for delivering these things is set to £5 locally. She is also willing to spread this business.


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