A female assistant at Lidl shouted abuses at the man, uttering that the Muslim man should die. She accuses the man of making a good day for her turn bad, just because she saw him.

The abusive cashier

The man is said to have gone shopping at the recently opened Lidl store in Basall Heath, Birmingham UK. He did not know that plastic bags in the store were paid for and asked for assistance from the lady. Things took a turn for the worse when the man asked about the way the woman was talking to him and that only served to stoke her fury. That is when the attendant went ballistic and stated she did not have time for him.

The Lidl store where the incident unfolded


In the recorded clip, the attendant appears to be anti-Islam address the man as Mohammed, telling him to die and calling him an arrogant Muslim. The man was only confused that there were no carrier bags and asked for help.


The argument between cashier and the man:

CASHIER: ‘Arrogant, arrogant, that’s what he is. He’s wasting time?’

MAN: ‘I am wasting time?’

CASHIER: ‘£16.70. No, I am right. You don’t judge me and my personal life. You understand? You’re a customer. Just go, just go, just go. Listen, Mohammed…

MAN: ‘And you messed up one customer.’

CASHIER: ‘Who are you? … Who are you to judge me?’

MAN: ‘I judge you – the way you behave, that’s why …

CASHIER: ‘How dare you judge me and my personal life. Who the f*** is he?’

MAN: ‘See, she’s having a bad day. Are you having a bad day?’

CASHIER: ‘Are you Muslim? Are you Muslim? You’re not a good Muslim.

The man at whom the abuses were directed
The man at whom the abuses were directed

MAN: ‘You’re having a bad day and you’re just taking it out on me.’

CASHIER: ‘No, how dare you? He’s not bothering me. I’ve been here 10 years. I was having a good day until I saw your f***ing face. Go. Go. Go on, you Muslim, die. Arrogant man. Arrogant Muslim man.’

A representative of the store said that there was extreme concern and the matter was being looked into as an urgent issue by the store and the persons involved. Further comment indicated that the store managers expect a high level of customer service as well as their disappointment on seeing the video of the incident that has behavior which is not condoned. Apologies were tendered to those who were in the store at the time for being upset. The firm says that it has an anti-plastic bag policy and dissuades use of the bags by charging customers for them.

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