Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a tremendous talent who has started his own production company. His acting, direction and screen writing is ever impressing. His appearance is catchier and there would be many women who will fall for this handsome guy, with a cute face. However, his specialty is much more than this. Do you know Joseph Gordon-Levitt is feminist?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has himself admitted that he is a feminist. While talking about his life and career in chat show, the talented actor revealed that he is a feminist. He said that, most of the time people talk about women; they consider them as object rather than human. He gave all credit to his mom who was also a feminist for all the awareness. The actor said he holds great respect for the women and does not believe that they are objects. The wonderful chat show revealed the other side of the actor. The show reveals that besides being a great talent to the industry, he is a responsible person and of course a feminist.

The conversation was very interesting where he kept drawing the instances on his mother gave him the idea and made him understand the culture and respect for the women. He drew example of the Laker Games that he used to play with his brother when they were kid. His mom kept him saying that, men should have the heroics, strength and all other things but women should only be pretty. He was taught that this is perception of the society and people deal the matter like this. However, because the continuous lesson of his mother actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt understood the concept and perceived the idea of womanhood. He was very gentle to accept the fact that he is a feminist.

While talking about the fact, that many men would not actually agree with him as far as he remains a feminist. He said, that someone can fit into role as he wants, that is what he is and that is what his mother have taught him.

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