A few years ago Harvard found out that there is something creepiness existing in their library. There are three of its books that are bound in human skin. Imagine yourself obliviously reading the book that is bound in human flesh. You think it’s just strange-looking leather, but it’s not.



So let’s just do a recap, during the late century binding book using human flesh was very popular. Especially to those medical professionals, they don’t want to waste the flesh of cadavers they’d dissected. They used it mostly for their anatomical textbooks.

The creepy books are about Roman Poetry, French Philosophy and an article on medieval Spanish law. What’s even creepier is that one of the inside of those books has an inscription inside. It says that the book cover is the remains of the author or publisher’s friend, Jonas Wright. He was flayed alive by the Wavuma (African Tribe). The news spread easily and caught the attention of many students in Harvard so they went ahead and had the thing tested. They found out the morbid book wasn’t really that morbid at all. Maybe someone just made fun of the inscription or maybe it was just an old joke. Anyway, the book was made out of a mixture of cattle and pig collagen. One down, two to go!





They tested the remaining books and the result made it clear that there is only one book out of three that is bound in human flesh. But they know for a fact that there are still human flesh-books out there.







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