Walmart in West Memphis, Arkansas, where a fight broke out over towels

Walmart in West Memphis, Arkansas, where a fight broke out over towels



Walmart is known for its affordability and low prices. What Walmart isn’t usually known for is its ability for it’s low prices to bring the crazy out of some shoppers. In one Arkansas Walmart store, that all changed when there was a deal on towels just too good to pass up.

Black Friday shopping always attracts millions of shoppers to local stores every year. Walmart will always be one of those stores where high number totals in terms of sales and shoppers are to be expected. On Black Friday 2013, Walmart had sales on many of their items, including TV’s, computers, and kitchen appliances; however, their best selling item happened to be towels.

It was at a Walmart in West Memphis, Arkansas, that a fight broke loose over these inexpensive towels. Eye witnesses reported seeing women fighting and attacking each other over towels. News websites, such as WMC-TV, reported that this incident did in fact take place. “I saw one woman fighting over towels. Everybody just started going towards them,” shopper Droniqua Fisher stated to a WMC-TV reporter.

Despite the aggravation and undue violence, overall, Walmart had a successful day monetarily. Walmart reported sales of over 7+ million items advertised as Black Friday deals. They processed over 10 million register transactions in the United States alone on Black Friday.


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