If you are watching The Walking Dead series or watch zombie apocalypse movies just like World War Z, Warm bodies etc., then you might find this house interesting. We either don’t know if the apocalypse will happen or not but the designer of this house, assure himself to be saved by his creation and imagination.




This is designed by KWK Promes and named it “The Safe House”. KWK Promes is after with the safety of their client, a maximum feeling of being and feeling secured. So they designed this self-folded house to become completely sealed. The picture above shows the rectangular house that’s already been folded.






4    5
This is how the house looks like when it’s not  folded. Full of glasses, very modern and calm look.




The interior is full of glasses very transparent to see the view outside and when you feel it’s not safe anymore, you can just remotely close the house.




   These pictures show how the house folded itself.

    The house looks so heavy when closed. It seems like a big rock that doesn’t caught the attention of the zombies when someone passes by.16




There is only one entrance for this house when you “fully” close it. It’s located at the second flood. It looks like a bridge, where you can use to be your spot to shoot or throw fire below if in case zombie apocalypse happened.


Even the windows are also covered with concrete that folds.




This may not seem the dream house for everybody but this house is ready for war anytime. It surely serves as a new style for modern houses.

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