If you are playing with your food, there’s a chance that you have already eaten a lot or highly tensed about something; unless and until you are with Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida – because, if you are with them, then you must be helping them with their new art project.

They know how to play with food in the best way and also to engage others in their play. Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida use figurines to create an amazing drama scene with the food that will make you wish that you are the figure.
“This scale is really interesting as it allows you to work in the very small,” says Javelle. “The size of the figurines is perfect for creating surprising scenes with very ordinary elements.”
They innovatively used food in the most amazing way like using donuts as a golf course and pomegranates for war scenes.

“For example, one of first images is a figurine of a man with a mower mowing, which gave us the urge to cut a kiwi,” says Javelle, “especially since a new breed of hairless kiwi appeared at our super market!”

“The purpose of these images is, above all, to please people. We believe that art is not there only to reveal the injustices or the horror of the world. Sometimes of course it is a subtler means of conveying messages, but the boundary between activism and artistic expression can easily become blurred,” says Javelle.

This MINIMIAM couple is masterminds of food photography. They are commercial photographers of food. Their awesome photos can make you fall in love with any food and you just want to eat it instantly.

“Often when I place a figure next to a big piece of cake chocolate, I have a furious desire to become the figure,” says Javelle. “But I would definitely have a very upset stomach afterwards.”


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