A former Canadian defense minister claims that aliens exist among us. He further states that these aliens refuse to share their state-of-the-art technology not until we eliminate war completely as well as eradicate pollution.

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian liberal defense minister from 1963 to 1967, claimed on Russian TV program, SophieCo, one Saturday that there are a total of 80 different alien species and further declared that aliens have already been visiting our dear planet for thousands of years. These aliens, Hellyer said, look just exactly like us and they could possibly walk in our streets without us getting any hint that they are some extraterrestrial beings. However, these aliens are said to be not impressed with the way we, human beings, live. Ever since we invented the atomic bomb, Hellyer said in this bizarre interview that the UFO activity has massively increased. He allegedly claimed that these extraterrestrial beings are concerned that we human beings might use it once more since its utilization affects and causes imbalance in the whole cosmos. He retaliated that even though these aliens refuse to share their technology, they came here with good intentions with a purpose to help us rather than destroy us.


Hellyer described different types of aliens.  The former official who is already on his early 90’s said that one type called “Tall Whites” are working in Nevada in the U.S. air force.  Another type, he claimed, are disguised as nuns frequent Las Vegas to shop and are able to escape undetected.  There are also the so called “Short Greys” which have very slim limbs and large heads.  Another group is the “Nordic Blondes” who looks like some Denmark chick.  Hellyer is the very first high ranking government official to publicly declare that aliens exist and that they are real.  He first came and talk about this belief on the existence of aliens in the year 2005.

Absurd as it may seem, we will never know.


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