Generation X-the generation of the Internet, the generation that paved the way to all the things that you learn to love about the world of the interweb-has just one message for you. It is fed up!

Generation X has enough of all the crap of the generation that followed it. It is totally pissed off! Why so, you may ask. The New York Magazine mentioned that majority of Americans agreed that the current generation will never be better than its parents and will have a hard time due to issues that they presently face such as increasing unemployment rate, staggering economic status, and unstable social security. “Say what? Been there, done that!”, that is what the Generation X has to say about the statement made by the New York Magazine. It was also during an economic recession wherein most of the kids of the Generation X just graduated. It even had nastier jobs by that time and most importantly it is used to all the craps thrown out to it whereas the current generation easily whines over. It was also during those times that the music was legit and genuinely good and you have to actually pay for it to be able to enjoy it.

Yes, Generation X started the Internet Boom but it also lost a lot of savings from the dot-com bust. But we have wars and conflicts nowadays, you may add. Why? Didn’t Generation X also battled for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? It was indeed hard for the Generation X add to the burden the rising housing crisis.

This may sound like an annoying rant from the kids of Generation X, but they just want to let it all out. Perhaps it is brought about by aging. Yes, Generation X is getting older by the second and in fact most of those in the Generation X are parents now, but hey Generation X made it through all the hurdles and it believes that you can as well.

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