Ferrari F150

What a girl wants? It is the question that every boy asks. This video will surely clear up your mind about what she really wants.

A group of boys “TrueStory ASA” tried to find an answer to this question and what they have found was amazing. What girls want truly has been revealed in this video. They have planned a prank and tried it on various girls to see what will be their priority. After trying the prank on many girls they have concluded that nothing matters most for girls than money and a good car.

TrueStory ASA, on the visit to Las Vegas, pretended to don’t know the area and asked the girls to show the city around in the “Ferrari”. One boy at a time tried it with the girls who were with their boyfriends, girlfriends and also single. Most of the girls refused the company of their friends and get ready to show the city around in the car.

With this prank, they tell the world for sure that the thing matters most for the girls is neither look nor their race, they only look for the money and get ready to help you if you own one of the best car in the world. Your not so acceptable appearance and looks don’t count when you want a girl’s company; just show them you own good amount of money and they will surly get ready to give you all your time.

If you own a Ferrari, then you shouldn’t be worried about your looks, just go out and ask any girl, she will be more than happy to help you because she knows you are a guy with the money.

See the video and enjoy the reaction of various girls. Share it with your friends so they can also know what a girl wants!


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