U.S. is one great nation, but practicing what other countries are doing can make it “the greatest”. Have a look at what other countries have and we don’t.

1. Free Preschool


Children of age three and above can go to preschool for free in France.

2. Benefits for Parents

A beautiful smiling baby wrapped in a furry green blanket

Swedish Government makes sure that every child is brought up in best possible way. Swedish parents enjoy 480 days off from the work at the first eight years of child’s life and they get paid also.

3. Education is a basic right – Free Universities


In many countries, higher education is not very expensive and students enjoy free education in universities.

4. Vacations for Everyone  


It is in plan of European Union that it will finance vacations for the people who can’t afford to enjoy them.

5. Art Support


In Germany, artists get government benefits. Any person with art-school degree can apply for scholarships.

6. Whether on work or at hospital, pay should be provided

Build hospital

There are countries like Luxembourg and Norway, where cancer patients get paid for the 50-days they miss on duty because of the treatment.

7. Increment in Minimum Wage
Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

$7.25 is the lowest wage here but in Australia this figure is $14.50; there is also less unemployed people.

8. Limitation of Maximum Salary


Recently, in Switzerland, a proposal was given that executive pay must be limited and set according to the lowest wage of the company. Swiss voters didn’t accept this proposal but solving issues of income gap is top priority of Swiss government.

9. Must income to every citizen


In The New York Times, it was reported that Switzerland is going to provide monthly income to its every resident. There should also be a policy like that.

10. Crime Control by Banning Weapons


In mid-1990s, thirty-five people were killed in Australia by a single man. Government took immediate action for this mishap and banned shotguns and assault weapons. After this strictness, about 60% murders associated with the use of gun were decreased.

11. Legal Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

In Netherlands, marijuana is legal.

12. Some Changes in big corporate

In Germany, DAX companies are required to provide supervisory board seats to women; number of seats must be one-third of the total.

13. View of the Sky


The Telegraph reported that government of Germany said that every office must have view of the sky.

14. Forbidden Soup Slurping


In New Jersey, soup slurping is not allowed. Why other states don’t practice this?

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