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The whole world owes a great deal to America.  Oh yes, it does! Thanks to Pittsburgh, people get to indulge to the greatest cake that America ever introduced.  Lo and behold, we are excited to share to you our dear readers the newest dessert and the most delicious cake that we ever tasted.

Indeed, New York City as a lot of interesting places to eat out.  Residents get to enjoy a diverse option and opportunity to try and taste genuinely awesome foods and delicacies.  There is the legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies which one can get hold from the Levain Bakery located at the Upper West Side and there is also the epic Kouign Amann found in Dominique Ansel’s famous bakeshop.  But nothing beats this particular sweet confectionery that we just recently discovered in the heart of Pennsylvania.  Did we know get your attention?  Are you excited enough to know what really is the greatest cake ever made?

Well, it is nothing else but a cake from Prantl’s Bakery located in Pittsburgh City and for sure there is no mistaking if you taste it for yourself!  There is no cake in the bustling city of New York that can compete and even compete to Prantl’s heaven sent Burnt Almond Cake.  It is just simply perfect in all aspect.  we can even confidently say that it is the very best cake that the United States has ever introduced to the world!

Burnt Almond Torte

Prantl’s Burnt Almond Cake is not your typical cake.  Its height is not impressive enough and it lacks chocolate which is a must most of the time.  It is just a simple cake in structure since it does not need to be pretentious just to make anyone say it looks good since just a single bite of the delectable cake will send you to cloud nine.

Burnt Almond Torte


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