700Wellington Police District Commander Stephen Jones told, in the present moment we can settle that 15 partial lings amid the ages of 25 and eleventh single were exposed inside the home of Peter Jackson at approximately 4 p.m. this evening. He also added that authorities were originally entitled when Jackson’s neighbors griped of “a putrid odor”. Emanating from his residence, after which officers lead an inclusive hunt of the stuff. They finally originate an unseen flap on the committer’s ceiling.  It was held locked by three durable locks. When they unlocked the door, they came athwart the dupes. It was already deceased. All of whom had the coat ragged out from the tops of their feet. Jones told the place name that they had collected. He lured these hobbits to his residence with the potentials of pipe-weed, seed cake, and Barliman’s Best ale. He afterward bashed them comatose, exposed them bare, and destined their hands and feet before restraining them in the windowless space above his bedroom. And it was used for where they were reserved alive for variable widths of time. Jones also told that they could also settle at this time that an amount of the fatalities had been sexually attacked.

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