johnny-depp-doctor-strangeImagine it-the ever dashing and debonair Johnny Depp in a Marvel superhero costume!  But wait! It is no stereotypical superhero costume with the all the skin-tight latex going on.  No! He will reprise the role of the unconventional marvel superhero, Doctor Strange, who chose to leave behind the flashy and typical superhero costume and preferred to done a casual and more comfortable attire.  But he still needs the cape though for that marks the spot.   

It seemed to be that the character of the Marvel superhero, Doctor Strange, was tailor-made for Johnny Depp.  Johnny Depp, who has already played eccentric character roles before with most of his character having a strange demeanor and sophisticated accent, would be a perfect match for the Doctor Strange character.  It was also revealed that the 50-year-old actor loves reading comic books and is a fan ever since and so, he got all excited and accepted the role without making second thoughts.  He has already met up with Marvel regarding the role.drstrange

In the Marvel superhero comics, Doctor Stephen Strange is known as a genius but egoistical neurosurgeon who only minds and bothers about his own being may it be his wealth and his career.  However, he encountered an accident as he rode in his car and completely shattered the bones in his hands.  The damage done disabled him to perform any surgical operation for his hands now trembles uncontrollably and it appears as well that Doctor Strange was too proud to take on a teaching job and so, he desperately searches for a cure to restore his hands.  Disheartened and still searching for a cure, Doctor Strange locates a hermit called the Ancient One (actually the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme) in the Himalayas.  Ancient One will eventually teach Doctor Strange, which Doctor Strange will use to fight some of his nemesis especially his primary antagonist Baron

Rumors are spreading that the Doctor Strange movie which is part of Marvel’s Phase 3 is slated to be shown on 2016.  We just can’t wait for it!

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