Guiuan, a town in the Philippines, is a part of Russian history. There is a long airfield in there. In the beginning of the 20th century more than 5000 of White Russians escaped from the former USSR, looking for help. Only one person in China, priest John Maximovitch, agreed to help those people and hide them. The priest was an Orthodox like most Russians are. But when communism was being set down in China after World War 2, the escaper had to look for another place to live.  And found… one small Philippines town, where Americans had built the airfield during the WW2. Half of these Russians had to move to the Philippines in order to find out the situation. Later their families could join them. Having landed to Guiuan, these people realized that America, Australia wanted to help them and give them new homes. The families settled down some in the USA, some in the motherland of kangaroos. Only with the time, when the USSR fell apart and the escapers finally feel no danger, they freely travel. And no wonder some of them wished to see the Guiuan inhabitants. And soon the movie dedicated to this town will be released and shown in California

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