This is the time when to lunch the Karamsar Gurdwara. There congregations are inserting into the free food. Sikhs are not the only ones liking the temple mealtimes. Religious bests bang that a cumulative number of non-believers are staying their place of adoration to eat, treating them as food banks while the belongings of severity and economic fall bite. According to sheikh federation now around five thousand of meals are serving to the non sikhs by bratin. According to them the meals are now served a lot. The homeless and the students are also engaged to this meal. They tries to live their lives by these meals. According to the worships now the more and more people are coming here and having their meal.


Especially the low rate people are coming here to have their lunch. Students are also come in order to decrease their day to day cost. The for the increasing number of people the worships have to cook more and more foods. The meals are also served equally in here and everyone have the equal rights to have their meal. Among them there are more people who are in debt and financial problem. Among them there are also women and children. The Sikhs always welcome people to add here and take their meal. But they have certain rule to have meal from here. The first one is they have to keep their shoes apart from there. They have to wear a black cloth in their head and have to take meal in the floor. Like these they have also some more rules but it is easy to maintain. They think that it is not freeserving. This is a way to help the community to survive properly. In the rules of Sikhism there are only vegetarian food served.

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