tn_yyyThere is always a problem in the world about the human color. In the past time it was a burden matter in the world. The white people always hate the black people as well as neglect them very much. They don’t want to make any relationship with them and they don’t want to live with them. They don’t engage them any work. Even if they don’t think them as people at all. We all know that Nelson Mandela had great fought against it. Nelsom Mandela was the former South African President. He was famed for his fight to end the prejudiced policy of apartheid. He died at his ninety five. He was an interesting and good man according to William. Nelson Mandela during his ill time was very much sick for the few months. He had been hospitalized on June 8 for kidney and liver problems. He had been on life support. He had also a periodic lung infection told by the doctors. He was in the hospital for the long time. After that he had died at his 95. Now we can see that there is no problem living with a white girl and a black boy. Alternatively a white boy also live with a black girl. Black a white are in the outer phase.

People should consider the inner one to justify a human being. People are people. One should not neglect a black as well as the white. Let’s come to work to gather and be the best friend of each other. If there is no problem with human color then this video is totally unnecessary to display. At the first impression of human being showing these video is the difference between blavk people and white people. Some one may hate this video on the other hand some one can love this video. I think you would enjoy this video. The moral of this video is not loving of hating a black or white.

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