Going to college and getting some higher education, is always a day we as a child are waiting for! However, to us, this day may come naturally and easily. But for Rion Holcombe, having Down syndrome, it’s certainly one the most precious days of his life.


The 20-year-old got an admission letter from Clemson University and his parents captured some precious moments while he was reading the letter. After carefully reading the letter, Rion with a huge smile says ‘I got accepted’.

Rion will attend a two-year Life program at Clemson, where he will get his further education and learn to stand independent on his feet. As a student of Clemson, Rion along with his other friends will leave at the campus and attend various sports and other activities while studying at the university.


In a video application sent to the university, Rion shows how he has won medals at swim meets, having some water sports with his sister Molly, playing baseball as well as participating in other activities.

His mother Susan Holcombe was quoted saying : ‘This is an amazing two-year program for a small number of young adults with special needs.’

Here is a video showing the reaction of Rion when he opened and read the letter from Clemson University.

The video clearly shows how exciting the feeling is for Rion to get a chance to study at the university. The Life Program at the Clemson University is specifically designed for students with some disabilities in order to help them teach, cope up and develop necessary skills required to go to the work place.


A Real salute to Rion Holcombe for his might-hearted and courageous step as well as his never-say-die attitude! And a true salute to his parents as well for believing in Rion’s abilities.

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