This is a story of a 34-year-old Viviana Gunn woman who crossed every line of inhumane behavior and showed one of the most brutal side of human behavior. Viviana Gunn was sentenced to a 31 year of imprisonment as she treated her 13-year-old brother in law very ruthlessly beating him with a baseball bat, tying him to dog house naked without hours of food and water and even slicing his skin with head-knife. Viviana was held guilty by the court for torturing her brother-in-law over the course of last year. In what came out as one of the most shocking revelation from the teen was Viviana held him in a bench vise and hammered a nail through his hand. Here are the images of the evil couple Viviana and Brandon Gunn.

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Viviana Gunn, 34, was sentenced to 31-years of prison after along with her husband (brother of the tortured teen Jordan Gunn) Brandon Gunn,27, who was hand-in-glove with Viviana for the crime. After the verdict was announced, Deputy Prosecutor Cami Lewis told reporters ‘I specifically remember Judge Laurie saying what Viviana and Brandon had done was evil and she was happy to get Viviana out of our county.’ Viviana did not make any comment before the hearing took place but after she was found guilty, she wrote to the Judge to withdraw her guilty plea. In her letter to the judge, she mention that she ‘was ‘made’ to sign the plea agreement. Further, she wrote ‘I want to fight for my freedom. To be pushed to take a plea and admit guilt to an act I am not guilty of is not justice.’

Here are some of the horrifying images of the 13-year-old boy which reveal deep wounds on his arms.

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Viviana and her husband Brandon Gunn has crossed all limits of evil behavior and had treated the child in the most barbarous way. They used to tie his hands and legs to the chair and even cover his eyes and mouth to prevent his scream move out of the place. They used to then beat him all over his body till he lost consciousness in regular sessions of long prolonged hours. They even used to beat him with a metal bar, heat the knife and cut him at different parts of his body. The evil couple used to further spray alcohol on the little child’s wounds. However, one day the brave Jordan managed to remove the duct tape through which he was tied and fled away to the streets where he was found at the bus stop in Bremerton.

What the police reports stated was ‘These injuries vary from fresh open wounds to wounds that are in the process of healing. ‘The injuries appear to be caused by blunt objects, cords and other sharp objects.’ Viviana and Brandon Gunn have now been charged with the alleged torture of Jordan and have been sentenced to 31-years of imprisonment. Jordan is now recovering well from his most traumatic period of life and has moved to Atlanta to stay with his mother.

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