A man predisposed to bestiality was caught on hidden camera having sex with the family dog. His female roommate was suspicious that the family dog was being molested and set the trap to catch the guy. A hidden camera was used to record the man having his unusual sexual act, and the footage forwarded to police who responded with an arrest of the culprit.

Joseph, the bestiality culprit
Joshua, the bestiality culprit

The man accused of bestiality, Joshua Lee Werbicki, works as a pizza delivery man for Papa John in Florida. His roommate became suspicious when the German Shepherd mix dog they own started limping and being uneasy around people lately and decided to set up the hidden camera. Joshua, aged 22, was taken into police custody at the Palm Bay restaurant where he works as a pizza delivery man and was subsequently charged with a felony, cruelty to animals, as well as misdemeanor criminal act of sex with an animal.

Joshua posted a $2,500 bond awaiting his day in court.

a selfie of Joseph
A selfie of Joshua

A senior worker in Brevard County animal Services, Michael Healy, said that the bestiality law in Florida has ability to prevent Joshua from having contact with animals in an unsupervised environment, through a court injunction. Maybe this injunction is what the Animal Services want placed on Joshua, on top of the sure jail sentence he will get.

Animal bestiality is seen to be on the increase in Florida after another convicted animal sex offender was re-arrested for having sex with a dog too, just a week after getting out of jail for an animal sex offense. Police said that James Lyons, 52, had sexually abused his neighbor’s pooch and took him into custody. This happened only a few weeks ago. He was spotted with the neighbor’s pooch that had been reported lost and he claimed that he had found it and was returning it to the owner.

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