highest paid supermodel in her final catwalkHighest paid model Gisele Bundchen concluded 20 years of gliding in the catwalk in one of most glamorous fashions shows seen at Sao Paulo in Brazil, her hometown 20th of April, this year. In her final show, Gisele modeled clothes by Colcci.

In her 20 years of modeling, Gisele was listed by Forbes as the highest paid model in 8 consecutive years. In 2014 alone, she took home $47 million before taxes from modeling and endorsing products.

“I am thankful to the people who launched me in my long journey in modeling when I was just 14 years old, “ the gorgeous and famous model stated. Gisele started to do the catwalk at the age of 14 and for 20 years, she rose among the ranks of high-earning models, in which she occupied the top place in the last eight years.

Her last fashion show was a great success and her fellow models gave her the biggest applause for her final performance. Gisele decided to retire after she sensed that her body is already clamoring against the demands of modeling. To reach the top as a model, one has to work hard and religiously follow a regimen to maintain her beauty and figure.

“I always pay attention to the signals sent by my body and just recently, it was telling me to have a change in my lifestyle,” the supermodel revealed.

highest paid supermodelAs the highest paid model, some surmised that retiring from modeling would create a dent in her earnings. But Gisele has prepared for this event and in fact, she has been venturing into some aspects in the industry. She has been endorsing 12 products in the past years and despite her retirement, and she would continue to earn from the jelly sandals she designed.

Gisele is married to Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots.


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