We have all had our encounters with obese people on transportation means. This was the case for one traveler, Rich Wisken, on a flight from Perth to Sydney, both towns in Australia. Mr. Rich had paid $A25 (£13.50) for an exit row seat since he wanted more room, and probably a quick exit if things got sticky. He ended up in the literal thick of things when he found himself seated next to an obese man, and his extra space taken up.

Mr. Rich tried to get assistance from in-flight attendants but no help was forthcoming and he had to sit ‘under’ the human hippopotamus as he describes the obese fellow traveler. Wisken had the clarity of thought to take a photo of the man and in a letter that has gone viral, and he posts the shot to the airline officials who he asks to reimburse his extra money.

Viral: As rage letters go, they don't come much more furious than the epistle sent to an Australian airline by a passenger seated next to a man as big as 'an infant hippopotamus' (file photo)
Imagine sitting next to this traveler; you will have a story to tell after the journey

The airline in question, Jetstar, is a subsidiary of Qantas. The letter by Mr. Rich to the airline outlines his struggles to get help in futility. The attendants were either ignorant to his situation or just did not care. One thinks they may have seen thousands of cases like these and they may feel like it is routine. It is clear that the attendants, given some cheeky surname in Rich’s letter, acted in an inconsiderate manner too.

In the letter to Jetstar, Rich tells the airline of the ordeal he suffered during the four-hour flight in not so friendly but humorous language. He then demands a refund of the extra money he pad for the exit row seat, compensation for paralysis to his left side and hints at future problems for the airline if some of his dreams are not achieved due to the tight squeeze he was subjected to in the flight.

Mr Wisken was not at all happy with the four-and-a-half-hour flight and has penned a furious letter to the airline, Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas
The airline in question is a subsidiary of Qantas

Finally someone has spoken out against the bad treatment and harassment lighter people get when they have to sit next to ‘heavy’ travelers on transport means, and it paid off. Jetstar is reported to have offered a compensation voucher of $A100 (£54).

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