Let’s destroy what we love. It is the time to redesign some NFL logos. I bet  it has taken many months in designing any of them but it took few hours to destroy them.


Old people and aliens are the only ones living here. Everything! Yeah all vintage and knockoff are present in the same block of the city.


You think that my hairs are messed up by wind? You will never know I have purposely spent two hours in messing them up.


Just gone to the game in the last few years, it has been changed a lot with all the big celebrities and too much glamour. Screw that.


Yeah! Just went the super bowl when it was cool. I don’t find it good anymore, so not interested.


Whiskey anus just broke up after a one song, but this indie band will live forever with me. My love for them is proven from the link on my neck.


Plaid is not in fashion? I don’t believe that. Who runs this planet? Morons? An amazing man has just created it and he has been fired just a year after!


No I am not intolerant to Gluten; I just pretended to do so.


With Instagram, I can literally send each and every picture of my breakfast forever. Wait a minute! Let me check Tumblr right away.


IPA with citrus finish is the love of my life. Man! Nothing sets me straight like it.


I lived in Baltimore before, where things went down the wire. I heard the legend was good in Indy so I took a lift one night. My friends were really excited.


You have android phone? No way! You are not my friend.


Land is too old school


Throwing batteries at people? Nah, why even I do that! I have other things in mind to throw, what about free range goat’s milk?


Have you known that before Atlanta was cooled, it was burned for many years.


I am not a plebe, it is Helvetica! Alright, I accept it is Arial! now should I commit suicide for it?


I love it without roots here, no crowd just simple football. I know totally know who can hook us up. Chad Henne, yeah!



I know your favorite team is another New York team, but we are way too cooler than them.


Detroit is my love. Huge place, you can live anywhere. Great fertilizers of dead bodies, give them to your wheat grass.


I don’t need brakes in my bike; they are for squares.


Have you tried to smoke weed with these 3d glasses on? I don’t care even if they hurt my eyes


Boston? Ah, no. I’m from Foxboro. Perhaps you never visited it, it’s very far away. Only chosen ones are welcomed there.


I used to live in San Francisco but the $3,700 a month is very high for just 2 square feet in the Mission.

Rams Ravens

Reason for my arrival at Baltimore is my girlfriend. She dumped me and I also have no home. I just set out and discover B-More’s sweet underground hip hop scene


I never liked the name Redskins! But still got one name more to hate extra – FedEx field. Why this name?


We can’t be friends because you own an MP3! Are you unaware that Vinyl has the real music?


Because of the time I spend in coffee shop, the shop owner has started to ask for rent. 49ers

Say no to junk football and Go for only organic ones. I can’t take any of these junk footballs now. Why don’t you know it is not good for you.


My Subaru goes great with my vintage coffee mug collection.


How about if you don’t wear real oldies? Real oldies aren’t so fit, so I went for cozy one’s as I failed my parents.


Man, I don’t drink other than parties. Do you know how awesome this beer is? Watch Blue Velvet and you will know.Vikings

Love this cold! My skinny jeans are unable to protect my feet, got a cool frost bite. Don’t you know dead skin are latest fashion!

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