Cuisines all over the world are changing. Lovers of pizza have one more reason to order pizza and happily munch away at it. Looking at a picture taken of the Cthurkey, a cross between a turkey and Cthulhu, one can be easily forgiven if they declare that they will drop turkey as a delicacy from their tables. The Cthulhu is an internet creation that resembles a pony with octopus-like features.

A Cthulhul

Wiping images of a giant octopus from your head are horrible enough without having to imagine the giant octopus climbing out of a turkey. A creative mind may go ahead and see images of the octopus then slaughtering your entire family and proceed to walk away on its giant crab legs. A burp of satisfaction may interject between the eating and walking away.

Chef Rusty Eulberg is the chef behind the unusual creature which he designed as something unique for Christmas dinner. With his friends who are fans of the Cthulhu, the chef says he went and bought some octopus, crab legs and bacon. He then cooked and baked them separately before putting them together.

A Cthurkey


The chef is known for his out-of-the-world cuisine creations. A year after the Cthurkey, he made a Cthicken, the same thing as a Cthurkey using squid in place of the octopus and chicken to replace bacon. The Bearsharktopus follows the same script in its creation and is equally weird.

A Bearsharktopus
A Bearsharktopus at dinner table

Those who have dined on his creations say they are delicious. If this does not go down well with you, do not throw up yet. The old trusted pizza is waiting. Place your order for one and enjoy something you trust in place of these monsters that are straight out of a 1990s horror flick. You could not guess better that the dark creations of the internet are now gaining life and becoming a reality.

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