The question that keeps astronomers doing their best to explore the universe. The universe is so mysterious, so wide , dark and scary. We don’t know how wide the outside of our world. Astronomers¬†keep on mentioning big numbers to explain the size of the universe.¬†They use big numbers to explain everything and they’re just too big to be meaningful.

In recent years, Hubble telescope took huge risk to point to an inky field that they believed to be filled of stars and planets. The Hubble telescope captured the best view of the stellar debris. Meaning there are hundreds and billions of stars and bigger number of galaxies existing. They took another shot again and this time, they increased the sensitivity and allow more lights to be captured. It’s shockingly amazing to see how deep the universe is. There are over one hundred billion galaxies in the universe but we still don’t have contact. The images show that there are galaxies which are the same as our galaxies, stars that are bigger and smaller to our sun which has its own planets orbiting around them.

Though, knowing they really exist, it’s a great challenge and news for the astronomers. It’s also a glimpse of big numbers keep mentioning by the astronomers. How absurd to look up and see nothing but stars but there’s a big chance from a small hole that there is life outside the universe. Maybe those lights you see from above are just history traveling through space for million years and we can’t say if it’s still there.



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