US-ENTERTAINMENT-HUNGER GAMESI have finished watching the movie hunger games. The feeling of myself will tell you letter. First the characters are really awesome acted. First of all I think it will be surprising movie. But when continue to watching then the climax is turning in to other fro. My very sad said that just finishing the movie I thought it is not a good movie at all. But some imagination it started feeling good to me. It is a fictions movie. And the movie story was really awesome. I felt the movie is good when suddenly I example something with the movie of hunger game. Then I could understand that this kind of imagination is not only good but also highly better. So if you do not have the imagination of the difference one then you can not invent the different one. In the movie I was satisfied to see that Beetee, the vivid discoverer and electric mastermind from District 3.He was frolicked by none other than Jeffrey Wright. I was also satisfied that I didn’t catch any mumbling in the playhouse about the fact that Beetee was dark. We all evoke the sickening racist reaction when the first installment of the film cast Amandla Stenberg. He was a new black actress. My desire didn’t last long. The day after that on the bus, I eavesdropped a young lady and her friends. He ┬áhad just come from the movie. They were replacing their opinions about what they had just watched. The young lady told that she had thought it was awesome. She also told that she excepted for Beetee. But why he was made black although he was not black at all. However the imagination of Hunger game is very good one. I like the story as well as everything of the movie.

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