Weed-11Look this is very funny to talk about the person Ice Cube. Not only he but also the friends of him is totally amazing and funny guys. They can laugh the people very much and they also enjoy the times very much. If you see the video you will surely laugh at a long time. Human character is totally different from others. The friends Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, And Conan O’Brien are very different from the other people in the world. They are the interesting persons in the world. All the paths has been cut by laughing of them the investigation is nothing but the pleasure supply is the main reason of them. On a new incident of “Conan,” the talk demonstration host was combined by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for one significant assignment: To discovery wildflower. They rummage-sale the app Lyft to choice them up and energy about Los Angeles, where they complete halts at the suitability store, Wendy’s and even got their driver a woman’s amount.

Checkered out the astonishingly amusing clip, particularly if you ever wanted resistant that a Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart blow album would be the finest/worst object of all period. There are some celebration around the world around the funny friends. We see the video that all the friends are travelling throughout the city by a car. Sometimes they are stopping here and there and buying foods for themselves and making fun for themselves as well as the audience. Sometimes they are commenting on the road side girls and sometimes they are serving them their mobile number. The additional sound has been added for the reason of giving pleasure to the people of the outside performing as an audience. Really the video is enjoyable not only personally but also with the family and the people in the open air.

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