People should be capitalists as it involves money, but people should not be consumerists. There is a very wrong opinion, that capitalism and consumerism are combined.
According to the new economic system we should just buy. We are not supposed to do anything- like create, build. We should buy everything producing companies offer us. It doesn’t matter whether we need this or not. There are so many ways to buy: shops, markets, via internet. Everything is for the customers’ comfort and pleasure.
Thanksgiving was created by our forefathers. On this day they prayed to God and gave thanks for everything they had: meal, family, friends. Now people praise God for the things they have bought. And then rush to buy something more. The Black Friday has destroyed Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving glorifies family, feelings, relationships. And Black Friday glorifies “goods and electronics”. Now most people do not spend the whole holiday with their families, because they need to get one more phone or one more dress for lower price. It looks like this “Dear God, thank you for everything I have, but now I have to go get something more”. When we shop on this day, we must realize that we make many people work for us instead of staying home with their families. We cause them pain and troubles. We do not let these people celebrate. We are a part of their problem.

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