No matter where you are born! May it be a silver-spoon birth or birth in a richest family of the town. There are certain things in this world that money simply just can’t buy. One such thing is keeping an ignorant eye towards your child’s vaccination. Once the time is gone you may end up paying for it rest of your life.

Baby getting a vaccination

Here is one such story of Amy Parker who is a child of 7’s and has been grown with the utmost care and attention, with all the healthy diet, with all proper treatments, but the bitter fact is she isn’t vaccinated. Amy grew in a farm in Lake District-England and had been grown very carefully. She wasn’t given sugar till 1 and was breastfed over a year. When she grew she attended various activities and was given healthy food and juices instead of breads in her meal.

However, even with this healthy lifestyle, she got contacted with mumps, measles, rubella, scarlantia, yearly tonsillitis and chickenpox. In her 20’s she suffered with precancerous HPV and had two small children under 7 who couldn’t be told that Amy had cancer until it was safely cured.

Her mother was never addict of any activities like smoking and drinking and ensured that Amy grows in the most conducive and apt environment. However, that didn’t prevent Amy from being struck with childhood illness.

Well here is where she understood the importance of vaccination! Vaccination makes your internal system strong and immune to attacks from outer perils of various diseases. Right from the childhood itself, your body gets tuned to fight against all such diseases which are not apparent but can make life miserable if proper vaccination is not given at the right time. Vaccination is very important for secured growth and future life of a child. So parents it’s still not late. Be pragmatic and serious regarding this matter as your laziness and ignorant attitude may cost your child a life.

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