Life in a big company is not necessarily wonderful. Sometimes the lower level associates have to face tough situations. The situations are majorly depending on the monetary profit of the company. The life of an employee in Walmart is more or less the same, as their benefits are getting reduced day by day as the greed of the company is increasing day by day.

One store manager who anonymously disclosed the dirty secret of Walmart can shock anyone. His experience behind the high profile doors has exposed the greedy strategies of the company. The employee who is associated with Walmart for over 20 years has expressed his views. He explained about how a company cheats it employees to earn profits.


The normal wage in United States in Walmart store is $8.00 per hour. The amount of wage has decreased significantly as it used to be something around $10.00 per hour in late 90’s. This shows that the company is constantly trying to earn profits by devaluating the wage of an associate worker. He explained about the working hours which has rose up to 35 hours per week now from 20 hours a week. That means, Walmart has declared that one has to work for at least 35 hours to be qualified as Full timer.

The shocking revelation has also exposed the company’s strategy to cut down the festival bonus and other welfare management schemes just for uncontrollable greed. The profits sharing plan where the company used to pay 6% of its profit has been abolished completely. The step was taken to earn from that money. The raising of the salary interval has been increased from 90 days to 365 days. That means one has to work for the whole year to say some hike in the salary. However that is also not certain.

The interesting revelation about Walmart has raised sincere questions on the function of the company. However, few secrets will remain secret. The reason being, there is no associate worker allowed behind the meeting door.

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