Here we gathered a collection of intense street trolling by the year 2013.  It stars Blanka, well known for his green skin and spiky hair.  He is an electric mutant from the famous Street Fighter video and arcade games.  Along with his Street Fighter friends, Blanka wrecks havoc in the houses, streets, and stages of America.  It is totally hilarious, I guarantee you!

The video already garnered around 800,000 views in Youtube at this moment and definitely deserves a lot more views.  It is actually a compilation of street fighter trolling highlighting the funniest video editing wherein compiler Julnax and Fioko gathered their favorite videos and inserted Street Fighter characters and aptly generating actions from the said characters in relation to the already funny video clips and bloopers.  Their Youtube account is named Street Troller and you can check it yourself for more street fighter trolling videos.  The original videos are already extremely funny in itself but when the street fighter characters where added to the scene making it look that they were the ones causing the blunders and slip-ups, raise the entertainment value a couple of notch higher.  It surely did tickle my funny bone and had me cracking up the entire 7 minutes of the video clip!


Street Fighter is a fighting game created by Capcom.  The game’s main characters came from different parts of the world, each character having their own special and unique fighting technique.  The game is one of Capcom’s successful franchises.  The video clips were mainly led by Blanka exhibiting his amazing fighting skills and powers to unfortunate individuals.  There were also some scenes wherein Chun Li kicked some ass.  Some comments however generated negative reactions with regards to the accidents with the little kids making it look distasteful for it looked like Blanka was abusing them.

Nevertheless, this video is just epic!

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