Irishman, Mark Boyle, continues to live without money. He attempted to live a life without receiving any income, without holding any bank balance, and without spending a dime. How does he do it?

The Irishman holds a business and economic degree and had a decent and stable job as a manager in a huge organic food company. But everything changed when he purchased a video entitled Gandhi and thus, for the previous fifteen months, Boyle continues to live without receiving and spending money.

The change in the direction of his life begun when he had a little chitchat with a friend one night on the yacht that he owned. They began discussing about the top issues that concerns the world such as destruction of the environment, child and forced labor, wars, and famine. They wondered which issue should they focus and somehow contribute a solution with the time that they have in their hands.

It somehow enlightened the Irishman that these issues are related in a way and that all of those have something in common and therefore have similar root cause. He believes that the cause of all of this begins with our purchases. Boyle said that the degrees of separation between the consumer and consumed have increased and therefore we are not aware anymore of the suffering and destruction brought about by the production and means of the stuff we purchase with our money.

Every one of us doesn’t want to cause harm to others but most of us are unaware that we are causing harm to others indirectly. The means that separate the harmed and the destroyer is money. Just think about it, if we ourselves are the one planting our food, don’t you all think that it wouldn’t be that easier to throw your leftovers?

Thus enters Ghandi’s quote “be the change you want to see in the world”, and the Irishman changed his views, his lifestyle and ended giving up money. He hunted, grew, searched and cooked for his own food. He got himself a caravan for his shelter. He used candles for his lighting and biking for his transportation and exercise at the same time.

Basically, the Irishman now lives a modest and simple life for a year now and he is most satisfied now! No more stress over bills, traffic jams, bank statements. He couldn’t be any more happier!

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