Development revolutions had been creating in the field of modern science and technology. Modern electronic devices such mobile, laptop, iPod have already attracted the desired users in the globe. And the recent updated device called internet TVs have drown most of the technology users. Obviously, it is an astonishing device but the major problem of this device had recently upheld. This device may spay on you. Most of the internet TVs has the automated data transferring system built on it. There may have also cam rudder on the first face of the television.


Through these grasping modules it can send data, snapshots, viewers channel lists, Credit Card information and so on to the interested people or organizations. It can be used for sending data to the add publisher, tracker, criminal, etc. It breaks the family privacy as well as the security. This news has come out from the research of some IT consultant and Computer Programmer. The invention of modern technology, Internet TVs is providing us more informative and entertaining facilities in everywhere. But the bad gangs are taking advantaged from these. It decreases our individual and family safety. In the present time people are not even secure in their residence.

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