We all are afraid to visit dentists. No matter whether they cause us pain, or not, we are still afraid to visit them. Because we do not see what they are doing to our teeth. But now there is one more reason to beware of them.
After American teenager had his wisdom tooth pooled out with using the anesthesia, he became completely uncontrolled. The poor kid couldn’t understand what was going on. On the way home Jack (this is the name of the teenager) was asking his mother very simple questions: like what the sky means, who built the ocean and told his father to feed him with porridge. He said he wanted to swim like a fish. And even under the effect of such a strong drug, he remained kind and nice to his parents, remained sweet to girls, telling they should be treated like queens. And thankfully his parents were so understanding to this boy.
But the question is: was it an overdue medicine? Or Jack had an allergy to this kind of medicine, which caused such reaction? Or it is a new kind of anesthesia and we all will behave so strange and will become so helpless like this boy after having this new kind of medicine?

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