A James Bond-like Gadget that was just recently introduced to the public enables a person to breathe underwater without the burden of carrying heavy oxygen tanks along.  This gadget resembles a mask and has two arms that extends out to the side and functions as gills.  The materials of the said arms which are scaly in texture are designed to cover small holes wherein water is supposedly sucked in into a chamber.  A specific mechanism of the chambers inside the gadget separates oxygen and releases the water in order for the person to breathe underwater continuously without difficulty while swimming.



This gadget looks like it came out of a James Bond movie.  It is every James Bond fanatic to own such a sleek gadget! A fictional system known as rebreather allows Mr.Bond to breathe underwater with ease in one of his secret missions.  The gadget featured by the famous spy inspired a South Korean designer, Jeabyun Yeon,  to device his own concept gadget that can transform a mere human to a super human that can breathe underwater embodying the unique ability that only fishes or water animals possess.



The gadget designed like a mask is known as the Triton.  This functions like a fish gill that extracts oxygen from the water.  With a use of a very small yet powerful compressor, it will ideally compress oxygen and store it in tanks.  The whole gadget is charged by a micro battery.  This battery is about 30 times smaller than the usual battery and can quickly and efficiently save energy 1,000 times faster.  This new innovation can bring changes to the way people deal with swimming underwater for a period of time and could possibly replace the very heavy and complicated scuba equipment that we currently have.


Hold you horses though, this gadget is still in the concept stage and is not yet out in the market.  I guess spy enthusiasts have to wait a little longer then.


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