little-couple-300The Houston-based neonatologist and her age are thirty nine. Her husband is Bill Klein and his age is thirty eight years old. Thy have two children one name is Will. Will was adopted from China. And the another one is a daughter. Her name is Zoey. She was brought from India. Arnold told that she had recently been identified with a rare type of cancer and was currently experiencing treatment, including operation and chemotherapy.  She also told that she was very privileged as the forecast is good. While there was never a good time to get newscast like this, receiving it just as we were structure our new family is rough in many ways. She told that being bounded by the love of my husband and our two lovely children is really was many ways charitable her forte to fight it even sturdier. Arnold is suffered from a serious and fatal disease. It is a fatal cancer. There are many types of disease like cancer that we have heard. But it is a serious kind of cancer that she is faced with. This type of fatal disease has not be released yet. This caouple is very famous in the world. They are very famous in TV shows because during  their weeding time it was especially aired. From that time people are very much eager to learn about them. Then they had built a living place for them. By hearing the news many people have been very shocked and shade their tear. Surely, Arnold has had about thirty procedures and operations related to her type of dwarfism. She is not one to shy away from a fight. She has got a great in her life. She told that she felt very fortunate and lucky to have the delightful life I had.

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