Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Congressperson has again sparked a controversy over her comments on Arab cuisine and Muslims. Michele criticized the use of jihadi foods in the school of America.

She is a well known for her remarks on Muslim and Arab culture in America. In an interview to a local channel she quoted another one on Falafel, a vegetable patty of Arab Cuisine. She said that the use of such jihadi foods should banned as it will lead the way to terrorism in the country. In her speech she mentioned that, these jihadi foods will attract the kids and they will consume more of these. Then the kids might show interest in Muslim music and end up in reading Koran, the holy book of Muslims. She continued by saying that it will in turn provoke today’s kids to carry out a terrorist attack on their own country.

Her comments have made a huge outcry in the society. But she insisted on the nationwide movement and ban on the Arab Cuisine. She said that terrorism can be restricted by banning the Arab influence in the country while opposing the option of Falafel in the lunch menu of schools.


She had made earlier comments on Islam and Arabs before. Michele however did not stop there and went on to blame the Arabs influence as the main culprit of the increasing terrorism. Her extreme point of views on jihadi foods has brought many condemnations. Chris Johnson, the anchor of KSTP has rejected her idea and said that food should be taken as food. Plenty expressed that in a free democratic country one should have the right to eat whatever they like.

Michele was however adamant on Muslim cuisine and claimed that she will take the issue on priority upon returning to the congress.

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