JNCO is a jeans company which was established in 1985. The jeans it made was really popular in the 90s and all the cool high school kids used to wear the jeans made by JNCO. JNCO is actually short for ‘Judge none, choose one’.

Recently a guy from middle school was spotted wearing JNCOs and he has been a popular celebrity now on the internet. People are showing mixed views towards him. Some are calling him cool, which he actually is because of wearing something which actually died in the 90s. Some are calling him lame while some have even named him ‘Alpha Hipster’.

Although the guy looks a little too old to be in middle school, he still looks quite sharp in the JNCOs he is wearing and stands confident and proud on the sidewalk. In the 90s these jeans were quite popular and made a fashion statement too. The only people with whom these jeans were associated with were party animals and the skaters. The jeans were famous for being quite roomy and made legs look like pillars of a major fortress.

JNCO became even more famous after publishing its own comic called Flame Head and it was focused on the cool kids of the 90s. Some people think that JNCOs were better than skinny jeans and the regular jeans that are in style today but they are probably biased towards JNCOs as they lived through the 90s.

We live in a world where introducing a trend is not that difficult, take an example of twerking that was introduced by Miley Cyrus recently. Is it possible that JNCOs will come back in fashion soon? The answer to this question isprobably no. There is way more variety in clothing at the moment which cannot accommodate JNCOs to the least bit.


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