There are many things that you must have known about the 10th president of United States, John Tyler. You know he was born in 1790 and became president of the United States after William Henry Harrison death, but do you know that his grandchildren are still alive to this date?

Yes Grandchildren, not great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren. His third generation is living with us in this era; children of John Tyler’s son.

John Tyler had total of 15 children, seven girls and 8 boys. He had two wives. John Tyler’s Grandsons are alive to this date.

You might wonder how is this possible? He was born 221 years ago and still John Tyler’s Grandsons are alive.

It becomes possible because the late president have kids in very old age. Among his 15 kids, Lyon Gardiner Tyler was born in 1853. The president, John Tyler, was 63 years of age at that time. This was really an old age to father a son.

Then Lyon Gardiner Tyler, John Tyler son, has his son in the year 1924, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr.; and another son in 1928, Harrison Ruffin Tyler. These two grandsons of the president are still alive.

John Tyler lived from March 29, 1790 to January 18, 1862. He was a native of Virginia. Before being 10th president, he has given his services to United States as U.S. representative, state legislator, U.S. senator and governor. He won elections in 1840 and became Vice president.He was a democrat and believed in American exceptionalism and manifest destiny. He is still highly famous for annexation of independent Republic of Texas; he had done this job when he had been spending his last few days as president.  Before his death, he was also elected to the Confederate House of Representatives.

When the news of his living grandson has become famous, his grandson, Harrison Tyler was interviewed by New York Magazine.

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