If you want to enjoy some of the classic R-rated movies with your kid and still don’t want to ruin kid’s mind with the horror of the world and the cruelty in it, then you should visit Josh Cooley’s website. With cute aliens and adorable gangsters, this Pixar artist, has converted some all times classic and favorite movies into kid-friendly book.

Josh Cooley is renowned for his work in animated movies including Up, Cars, and Ratatouille. He also worked in many movies as voice actor.
Movies like Goodfellas, Jaws, Road Warrior, Predator, Pan’s Labyrinth, Predator, No Country for Old Man, Blues Brothers, Seven, Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, Graduate, Alien, Terminator, American beauty and many more are present in kid’s version. His amazing illustration is less evil and friendlier.

You can order these stories online from his store and can enjoy these all times classics with your kids. It will be a whole new experience for you and them. He also kept the most renowned and famous dialogues from the movies in the book and illustrated them.

Bring these hilarious and exciting new versions of your favorite stories. Many people are saying that the scenes he picked are still inappropriate for children but accepting Josh Cooley’s great work. They are saying that his story books are more of a new and excited version for the people who had already enjoyed these classical films.

Whatever people say or think, Josh Cooley’s works has been highly praised and liked by all. This innovative idea of creating such a book has brought back amazing memories of past movies.

Have a look at some of these drawings from Josh Cooley’s website. You can get the general idea of the book. You can find drawings of more films on the official Cooley website. Read the dialogues and have fun!

01-Pulp-Fiction1 02-Predator1 03-Fight-Club1 05-Alien1 06-Jaws-650x444 07-Drive-650x444 09-Road-Warrior-650x444 10-The-Big-Lebowski-650x502 12-A-Clockwork-Orange-650x502 13-Chinatown-650x502 14-Goodfellas-650x502  17-Terminator-2-650x502 18-Rosemary039s-Baby-650x502 19-The-Graduate-650x502 20-Leon-The-Professional-650x502 21-The-Godfather-II-650x502 22-The-Shining-650x502 23-Silence-of-the-Lambs-650x502 25-Seven-650x502 27-Psycho-650x444 28-Fargo-650x502 29-No-Country-For-Old-Men-650x444 30-Die-Hard-650x444 31-Donny-Darko-650x444

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