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A judge passed the decision to allow a mother to remove her brain dead daughter from the hospital.  The mother as well as the rest of the family members of the brain dead girl was overjoyed to hear the decision.


Jahi McMath, a 13 year old girl, experienced cardiac arrest as she was recovering from her surgery in a particular hospital in California.  The court also recorded that the young girl did not manifest any signs of brain activities.  Nailah Winkfield, the mother of McMath, decided to request her brain dead baby girl to be transferred to another facility with the mutual agreement with her husband, Marvin Winkfield.  However, they had to undergo an extensive procedure in the court in order for this to happen.

And so, along with the throngs of lawyers provided by the Children’s Hospital Oakland, Mrs. Winkfield arrived in a settlement.  The California judge announced that the Mrs. Winkfield may discharge her brain dead daughter who suffered from the complications sleep apnea surgery.  However, she will only be allowed to transfer her daughter from the Oakland hospital only if she takes the full responsibility for the effect and consequences that her brain dead daughter may encounter.  The two parties spent the whole day ironing out the procedure for the brain dead girl’s possible transfer to another facility.  Christopher Dolan act as Mrs. Winkfield’s representative and lawyer, said he was pleased and satisfied with the progress of the agreement.

The hospital’s argument was that Jahi MacMath was brain dead ever since before Christmas and therefore, they concluded that the girl was officially dead indeed and thus the ventilator could be disconnected already.  All in all, they refused to insert a feeding as well as breathing to the patient since they believed that it was unethical to perform medical measures to a dead person.

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