We now that Dolphins as such share many common traits of humans like jealousy, bravery and even the sense of humor. However, scientists were recently amazed to find that Dolphins can even get ‘high’ by eating the toxic puffer fish which once digested seem to exhibit a ‘narcotic like effect’.


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In a recently filmed TV series, the Dolphins were seen passing through the fish between them. Some of the experts say that Dolphins make use of the toxins released from the puffer fish as a defence mechanism for their own enjoyment. These released toxins makes the Dolphins go into a trance-like state and at a point they are seen lying just beneath the water surface mesmerized by their own reflection.

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See the above two images where a Dolphin catches the puffer fish in mouth (left) and then behaving as if intoxicated lying underneath the water surface (right). Rob Pilley, the zoologist and series producer said it was the first time when he had witnessed any such incident. He further said “We saw the dolphins handle the puffers with kid gloves, very gently and delicately like they were almost milking them to not upset the fish too much or kill it. As a result the fish released various toxins as a defence. The dolphins then seemed to be mesmerized. The dolphins were specifically going for the puffers and deliberately handling them with care.’



The Dolphins can be regarded as fun-loving-fish as the found watching their reflections below the surface. For this moment to be seen, the team of the TV series had installed cameras to get a glimpse at the funny life of the mammal. A huge amount of footage was collected with the help of cameras. Mr Downer speaking for the project said ‘Unlike Penguin-cams, this time our spy creatures had to keep pace with fast-moving dolphins, often out in the deep ocean. The dolphins were very curious about their new neighbours and allowed them into their lives.’

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