We all know about Gou Miyagi. Sometimes I personally think that the skate boarding was invented by the man Gou Miyagi. If you see the video which is uploaded by him you will be surprised to see the mechanism of him. Sometimes I say how is it possible for a person to present the events so clearly. Really his quality is awesome and his skate boarding is too awesome. Human quality is totally different from one by one. Some one has some qualities which is totally different from others. Some qualities can be learnt by practicing but some qualities can not be learnt by practicing. I am not telling that you will not be able to be like the person called Gou Miyagi. You may be like him even if more than him. But Gou is only gou. Skate boarding is not really an easy task. It is really awesome to see the boarding on the video. He Gou is really an interesting guy.

Gou was trying skate boarding from his boyhood. Now he is now a complete skate border. His quality is totally different from others. I really love his performance and his riding quality. When he is riding it is really like a professional rider. His riding quality is really fanning in the real and it is eye-catching. If people once see his performance he or she still must fall in love with his performance. He ride skate in the road, on the stairs, on the sand, on the railing, on the jackpot, on the roadside and so on. And he not only rides in straight way but also he rides in different strategies. And his strategy is really awesome to look at. When you think that you knew riding skate then you will feel Gou because of his awesome performance. At first you should not ride the way of following Gou. Gradually you should follow him.



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