The popular music star who made the world go crazy after his voice, in his teenage has announced his retirement from the world of music. Justin Bieber has said he is retiring from the world of music in a radio station.

The ‘Somebody to love’ star was talking to the famous RJ Big Boy in Power 106 radio station of Los Angeles, California. He shocked everyone including the RJ that he intends to hang his microphone at the age of 19. The widely popular star became a sensation after his music tops the chart at his early teen. But he wants to mature as a singer and want to quit after the release of his latest  album ‘Journais’ which is out in the market now.



However his words do not really clarify about the certainty and the duration of the retirement. He said that “After the new album, I’m actually retiring man. I’m retiring…I want to grow as an artist and I’m taking a step out, I want my music to mature.” The late statement could very well indicate that he might not have taken the final call. The dismayed fans of Justin Bieber are found to be very distressed after the news broke out and hoping for his mind to change. He became one of the most popular singing heartthrobs at an early age when his first album ‘My World’ which became a huge hit. He later remained in news for his relationship with Selena Gomez.

The Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber  has been involved in many controversies throughout starting from egging neighbor’s house to attending night party at immature age. But he remained in the lame light for one or the other reasons. He is sometimes blamed for not being a pragmatic star but Justin Bieber has time and again proved his credibility to stir responses in the world. According to close reports Justin is playing the same tricks for publicity and might not opt for anything like retiring.

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