Is Justin Bieber retiring? Is it the end? Is Justin Bieber leaving us?

Oh, no. What about his devoted fans? Millions of girls all over the world are worried, they are crying because they have heard on news that their idol Canadian singer Justin Beiber is retiring. How can it be true? May be Justin was just kidding? But wait, this is not the 1rst of April now. Probably Justin Bieber is really tired of thousands of concerts per year, may be the great number of his fans do not let him have his private, personal life, building serious relations with someone he really loves?
Girls, there is still a hope. Justin’s crew says that the young singer was just having fun.
He gave an interview to the Power 106, LA radio station. DJ Big Boy asked Justin about the new album, its title and names of the new songs. The singer said “I am tired of music, I am retiring. I am going to play golf”. But then the singer and the DJ kept on talking about the new album, about Justin’s duet with Lil Wayne. Young Beiber says he is growing up so he wants his music to grow up with him, he wants his new songs to be more mature. And the new album makes Justin be proud of himself and his hard work.
So, dear girls! Calm down! Your favorite singer is staying with you!


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