Kanye West a 36 years old rapper expresses that his performance as a rapper is very difficult especially on stage. No one know when the bad times will come in his / her life. When you will go out side then you may first think about your security. Who knows it will not be your final going of outside. Who knows you will come back again. So it is difficult to say about every moment your life. As like it kanye West his feelings about himself. People always expect more from a celebrity. They follow every movement of him or her. As a stage performer Kanye West always bear it on his mind. He compared his life with the police and the soldier of a war.

Alike police always have to be alert of their enemies and soldier always have to be alert of the opposite party. If they failed to do so then the pains will fall down among them. Same Kanye West thinks that if he face a problem on stage performing then what will be the condition  of the audience. If he would slip on stage then what will be about his reputation as well as his physical condition. Ksnye demanded in a new interview that he is endangering his life live and likened his musical antics to that of a police officer or soldier. The singer clarified that he could ‘slip’ during one of his multifaceted procedures on stage and that he is placing his life at risk. Considering all sides Kanye West associated himself to a police officer. He expressed it on an interview. He told that he was placing his life at risk, literally. He also told that he thought about his family. That’s why he thought that this was like existence a police officer or somewhat, in war or something.

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