For those who are tired of Kanye west and Kim Kardashian’s raunchy video in the song ‘Bound 2’, there is a mock video to it. James Franco and Seth Rogen have produced their own version of the video and is it not funny?

Even Kim Kardashian has been recorded as saying it is funny and that she loves it. The video uses the same lyrics and backdrops that the original by Kanye has. It features the canyons and the mountains seen in the original video. The actions by Kanye and Kim are replicated in the mock video as well.  The two, James and Seth have said that they were inspired to recreate their own video to the song while filming a new flick called ‘the interview’.


The mock video has Seth playing the role of Kim Kardashian and James playing Kanye’s routines. Seth even does his part while topless in complete mockery of Kim. They also dry-hump as seen on the original video.


The video is however a little less explicit unlike that of Kanye. The topless bike riding of Kanye and Kim has received some backlash from various quarters and has been termed as quite inappropriate of celebrities of such a standing as Kanye west and Kim Kardashian. Even president Obama made some reference to the way the two are seen to portray themselves and celebrity life in the video. In his reference, Obama said that the two do not fit to be role models to American youth who take Hollywood stars as the ideal role models, living the ideal life.


Seth and James have done the American people who were not happy with the video some justice. Those who were not comfortable with the scenes in the Kane video can now listen to the lyrics and watch some entertaining moves in the mock video titled ‘Bound 3’.

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