Kanye West’s Guns Fired at Obama

What did popular musician Kanye west do after Obama called him a jackass? He went at him, all guns blazing. Yes, Kanye has slapped a ban on Obama that prevents the president from talking about Kanye in any way. This is real retaliation after the president called Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian jackasses.

Speaking on 107.9 FM in Philadelphia, Kanye said he did not care if Obama was the president. He says that he, Kanye, brings joy to people and does not care what Obama thinks or feels about his ban. He just asks Obama to keep the word ‘Kanye’ out of his mouth.

Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian
Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian

Kanye then explains that he will not be talking to the guy in the White House any more since he feels that Obama disrespected him yet they are both trying to make history, Kanye through his music and Obama through the legacy he will leave as president. Kanye says he brings joy to people and what he creates is not about him, it is about the people.

Kanye looking really tough and badass

President obama had used kim kardashian’s dressing style as an example at an Amazon Kindle Singles interview while talking about the shift in culture and the American dream. He also mentioned Kanye in the same dinner and suggested that Americans should not do as the two celebrities do. He cautioned the people not to be obsessed with celebrities. Being supporters and respectful ‘fans’ of Obama, Kanye and wife felt that Obama had disrespected them.

Even though it will not affect their life or their earnings and neither is it a priority in Kanye’s thinking, the pair still felt the need to hit back. And the president was the target this time.

The pair and their recently born baby
The pair and their recently born baby

So Mr. President, you’ve been warned, keep the words Kanye and Kim out of your mouth, and definitely do not use them and ‘jackass’ in the same sentence.


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